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Good question. Being unique from other start-ups, We would like to differentiate us from the beginning. Baby means novice/newbie in the industry. Box means All in one. Baby + Box means versatile technology studio. Hope this gives you clear answer.

Sure, No problem. If you want only one developer, You can work with him/her directly and individually after official contract.

Market Research > Analysis > Wireframe > Styleguide > Frontend > API/Backend > Integration > QA > Launch

We normally follow this phase when it comes to Website Or Mobile application development. On top of that, We focus on MVP version for mobile application for fundraising OR POC purpose, add more features and fix issues to advance further.

Slack is our favorite cup of tea to team up the resources efficiently, Github/Bitbucket for version control, JIRA OR Trello, Asana for task management. Zoom is our favorite for video conference or team meeting on scrum basis.