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All claims are the same. We simply get the job right.

We know our job, our capability. We don’t care about how many lines of code we created. We care about business outcomes, only.

Han Edward

Founder & CEO

5 Year of Undefeated Success

We do our best to make every project a triumph. We see every collaboration as a mutual reinforcement and thus we route all of our efforts to the successful completion of our projects.


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Professional Team

Han Edward

Founder & CEO

Nick Svenson

Lead Technical Manager

Hamza Khan

Financial & Business Development Manager

Ahmad Khalid

HR Manager

Miha Sodja

UI/UX Consultant

Yang Yi

Senior Frontend Developer

Liam Connor

Senior Mobile Developer

Zed Chow

Senior API/Backend Developer

Han is highly skilled manager. What I like in his personal qualities, it's: Responsibility, Creativity, Initiative and Strong Management skills. I really enjoy to work with him - like one strong Team, and highly recommend him as a manager but also as a entrepreneur!
Earl Ricker
Marketing Manager
I was working with Yang for our blockchain campaign, there are a lot of developers and he is one of the best. His IT knowledge and experience are impressive. Yang is deeply motivated and never had any problems getting things done right the first time. Bravo.
Matthew Herrick
General Manager
We were impressed with Babybox Team's creativity, communication, and quick understanding of what we were trying to achieve. Application was delivered in quality and timely fashion, Performance was no less than being top-notch. Very impressive experience.
Anna Heinisch
HR Manager